The Yuba GroupConsultants to higher education and not-for-profit institutions

The Yuba Group was founded in 2010 with the focused goal of providing independent, objective analysis and advice to higher education and not-for-profit institutions. We recognize that institutional capital planning and financing have become even more challenging in today’s uncertain economic environment, and the volatility in the markets and the unique culture at each institution makes decision-making even more difficult than in the past. With the constantly changing regulatory environment affecting financial institutions and the rating agencies, we view ourselves as advocates for the higher education and not-for-profit sector and are committed to developing congenial and constructive relationships with other market participants to this end. Learn more >

Offices in the Boston,
Charlotte, New York City
and San Francisco regions

Certified as a minority and
woman-owned firm by the States
of New York and New Jersey and
the City of New York