Our Services

Our overall objective is to provide customized services and assistance with capital planning and strategy, including risk assessment and credit implications over the long term. Our approach reflects the extensive backgrounds of our partners in higher education and not-for-profit finance, credit rating, consulting and investment banking.

To this end, the services we offer clients range from full-service comprehensive debt management on an on-going basis to individual, discrete projects performed during shorter periods of time.

Some of the services we provide include:


  • Establishment of debt, swap, liquidity and cash management policies
  • Assist in preparation of presentation materials for board and senior management
  • Development of reporting tools
    • Operating cash and liquidity position and forecast
    • Risk and exposure assessments
    • Financial and capital planning reports

Capital Markets Advisory

  • Public and private debt issuance, both taxable and tax-exempt
    • Selection and assessment of banking and finance teams
    • Commercial paper issuance and monitoring
    • Rating agency strategy and presentations
  • Derivatives analysis and execution
    • Assessment of swap structures, including risks and benefits
    • Implementation and unwinds of swaps, through competitive or negotiated bid process
    • Negotiation of swap documents and selection of counterparties
  • Monitoring
    • Counterparty and banking partner rating surveillance
    • Debt and swap market value evaluations and surveillance
    • Debt and derivative portfolio analysis
    • Secondary market activity and analysis
  • Evaluation and procurement of letters of credit and standby bond purchase agreements for variable rate demand bond programs
  • Procurement and evaluation of operating and liquidity lines

Customized Credit and Financial Planning

  • Development of financial dashboards and monitoring of selected benchmarks
  • Financial projections for capital and initiative planning and strategy, including modeling and analysis of key sensitivities and credit impact
  • Debt capacity analyses
  • Financing plan development and analysis of funding options
  • Institutional and peer ratio analysis

Institutional Cash Flow Analytics and Management

  • Modeling of working capital as “central bank” and source for operating, debt and investment activities
  • Operating cash flow forecasting
  • Development of cash and liquidity thresholds and metrics
  • Debt management
  • Establishment and management of Internal loan program
  • Internal lending rate strategy
  • Development of working capital balance sheet and income statements