What We Do

Objective and informed perspective and judgment

As the investment and commercial banking community continues to focus on profitability and discrete transactions, we believe that there are conflicts that can arise from relying on traditional banking relationships to guide decisions. As a result, governing boards and senior management appear to have placed greater value on independent advice and assistance in evaluating and implementing financing decisions over the longer term.

Customized and analytic approach

Given the unique nature of each institution’s needs, organizational structure and decision-making process, we tailor our engagements to reflect the specific scope and services desired by our clients. Despite the shared missions of many of our clients, there is no “one size fits all” approach, and the customized analytical tools and models we develop reflect the specific circumstances of each client.

Strategic guidance, advice and counsel

Although we are able to develop and successfully execute complex (as well as straightforward) debt and/or swap transactions due to the extensive banking experience of our professionals, our approach is longer term and more strategic in nature. We recognize, and enjoy sharing, the challenges our clients face in working through issues to determine an appropriate and thoughtful approach and strategy to assist in the capital planning and financing process within current and potential internal, and external, economic realities and constraints.

Informal Role as Industry Advocates

Although we are careful to respect the confidentiality of our clients and not to represent their views unless specifically requested, we are committed to serving as general advocates for the higher education and not-for-profit industry in our discussions and interactions with financial institutions and the rating agencies. We seek to do this in a congenial manner by developing collegial relationships with other market participants in order to engage in constructive dialogue that we hope will benefit our clients and the industry as a whole.